Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) (updated 20 July 2023):

  1. Get your free TPC FLIGHT CREW account at
  2. We are here to fly, to learn, and to be supportive of each other. Let’s have fun! Keep it clean & be nice to each other. No disruptive or toxic behavior, please. TPC reserves the right to take measures against SOP violators.
  3. If you have an issue with a Club member in Discord, or see something not right, please notify @Ground Crew or use /report @user command.
  4. For Discord server technical issues: submit a ticket here: ⁠help-forum
  5. No self-advertisement in public channels without prior approval by @Air Marshals. Self-advertisement of your streams/vids is OK in ⁠streams-and-videos
  6. No discussion of pirated software; we don’t support that.
  7. Observe Discord Community rules:
  8. Synchronize your VATSIM ratings with TPC Discord (optional): ⁠club-notams⁠
  9. Group Flights Guide:

9a. All group flights are conducted on VATSIM (PC only). Must have VATSIM account. VATSIM rules apply:

9b. Group flight announcements are in Events channel. List of all flights for the month is posted here:

9c. When flying group flights or by yourself, put the following in remarks field of your VATSIM-filed flight plan: OPERATED BY THEPILOTCLUB.ORG

9d. Load and setup at the airport by event time, and tune-in to Event Comms channel for pre-flight briefing. Get your clearance from ATC about 15-30 min prior to the time of briefing. We aim to depart shortly after the briefing.

9e. During an event in voice chat, mute yourself when not speaking, or use PTT (push-to-talk) option. Alternatively, set your vPilot PTT to the same key as your Discord PTM (push-to-mute).

9f. You can fly any aircraft appropriate for the event, on any simulator. Know your aircraft & use proper control devices.

9g. In order to fly group flights, you must complete onboarding by reading this SOP and acknowledging below. You also must be in Event Comms VC.

  1. Your name. Your name in the server should be your first name | your callsign. Charters VA Pilots: include your 4 letter company ID also. If you are ATC, put the sector or facility you control in there as well.
  2. TPC Training Program provides training on VATSIM, aircraft operation, aviation, & more…
  3. TPC Callsigns: Request your TPC callsign here (optional):
  4. TPC Points is a system to reward members who take part in Club activities and contribute in ways that benefit the Club and its Members. Earning points will get you special server roles, which unlock a special channel (Company Perks) with giveaways, early access content, & more.

13a. Club Leaderboard: A friendly competition based on TPC Points (see above). To check your leaderboard position: run /rank command.

  1. Server Bot Commands list:
  2. Channel Guide:
  3. Club Liveries:
  4. TPC Charters - Club’s Virtual Airline (optional, OnAir):
  5. Drop a review:
  6. Club website & Discord invite link:
  7. Club Merch:
  8. Disclaimers & Legal:

Blue skies to you, Captains!

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