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Total Members On Site1211
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Group Flights Admin Briefing

  • Mute/PTT in Discord, if not speaking

  • Hold your questions until the end of the briefing.

  • Discord name: your first name + your callsign.

  • Don’t forget to put OPERATED BY THEPILOTCLUB.ORG in your FP remarks.

  • All Pilots flying this flight will get 500 TPC points. Pilots who use TPC callsign on this flight will get 1000 TPC points.

  • Only those members who completed onboarding (read SOP and acknowledged ) will be able to fly in group flights.

  • Sterile flight deck below 10000 ft.

  • Be professional, don’t miss ATC calls, don’t step on each other on freq. Departure may get hectic.

  • SID/STAR can change; be prepared.

  • Read SOP and flight post on the website prior to the flight. If there’s a text briefing posted for the flight, it is mandatory for Pilots to read it prior to the flight.

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